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Stardust & Jones is a Berlin based fashion label.
We design clothes for confident men and women who have come into their own,

know what they like and what suits them.
Our look is very 1950s/1960s inspired,

as we believe this was an era when clothes were designed to bring out the best in each and every man and woman.
We like the look, feel and workmanship of original garments and we strive to make the best possible pieces for our customers.

We happily manufacture in Europe.
Taking inspiration from 40s Americana,

50ts Rock‘n‘Roll, 60ts Mod, 70s Glam Rock-

we like to also reference today‘s youth

and street culture to create timeless pieces.
Sourcing quality and Mostly vintage fabrics, buttons and haberdashery all around Europe means many of our pieces are limited edition only- making them Rather exclusive to own.

Stardust&Jones shop.jpg

We are:

Polly Matthies - costume designer, trained as a bespoke tailor, lover of all things Vintage and her team of pattern makers, Tailors and manufacturers.

My greatest thanks to the wonderful and talented photgraphers:

Natalia Pixelgnom-@pixelgnom

Oliver Grzybowski-@olibauski.foto

And to the lovely models!

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